Why Invest In Our Professional Cleaning Services

Regular and one-off cleaning services London
Regular and one-off cleaning services London


When you call a cleaning company who offer professional cleaning services, you will have a range of expectations that must be met. From a quality finish that you will enjoy when you arrive home, through to reliability that the jobs you needed doing have been completed. It’s an important aspect of your busy life. At Cleaning Express we have been offering a vast array of cleaning services across London. We aim to help homeowners reduce the stress and worry in their lives.

How do we ensure that every cleaning service we offer is professional?

The starting place for any cleaning team is uniting the best cleaners and their expertise and matching it with the jobs we have to provide. You can be assured  we’ll find you a cleaner who has the expertise to meet your demands. Because we only hire and recruit the top 5% of cleaners. If you are not completely satisfied with the clean, we promise to return, and re-clean for free.

What makes us different from other cleaning service providers?

We don’t only offer professional cleaning services such as regular and one-off cleans. But also, our team are flexible to the range of other tasks that need to be completed. From laundry and ironing through to hanging up washing and changing bed sheets. Our team can respond to a range of other cleaning demands.

To see why you should choose us, and to get a quote for your cleaning services, get in contact with us today.  And we will answer all your questions.