Local Cleaning Companies

Although you may find many local cleaning companies in your area, we’re confident there’s none quite like Cleaning Express. Trust in us to take care of everything with our affordable and dedicated cleaning services available throughout London. 

Cleaning express can deal with anything from kitchens to bathrooms and beyond. We can even take care of the ironing if required. No matter what you request of our cleaners, we’ll do our best to complete the tasks set to the highest standards.

Although you are provided with a regular cleaner, there are no long-term contracts and prices are transparent. So if you would like to know a set cost, you can have just that with no extra charges.

A free replacement cleaner can be provided should the original be ill or on holiday. This means areas of your property can still be cleaned even while your initial cleaner is away.

The majority of our cleaners recruited have at least one years’ worth of experience. This ensures that, although training is provided, there can always be a cleaner available to take care of your needs.

For your peace of mind, we also have comprehensive £2m public liability cover. If things go wrong, we can deal with repercussions. However, we’ll always do our best to keep things in order. 

All this is our way of making sure that we maintain our esteemed reputation as a leading cleaning agency in London. Simply let us know what type of property you have, office or home, and we can offer a suitable solution that befits your needs and budget.

You can contact us today for further information via our website or enquire by giving us a call on 0203 633 0390. We look forward to hearing from you and dealing with the cleanliness of your home as soon as possible.