Living Wage Foundation Welcomes Cleaning Express

Living Wage Foundation
Living Wage Foundation


Living Wage Foundation is an organisation at the heart of the independent movement of businesses and people that campaign for the idea that a hard day’s work deserves a fair pay, which is in most cases most definitely higher than the minimum wage. Living Wage Foundation acknowledges and honours the leadership of responsible employers who choose to pay a real living wage, which is based on the cost of living, and not just the government minimum.

Living Wage Foundation offers a service Provider Recognition Scheme for contractors who are providing the real living wage to their staff. The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 4,700 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a better pay. London based employers make sure all their employees in London receive the London Living Wage. Over 180,000 employees have received a pay rise as a result of the Living Wage campaign.

We are pleased to announce that Cleaning Express is now a Recognised Service Provider working with the Living Wage Foundation. From the very beginning the vision of Cleaning Express was to create a better company, which would care about all staff, tackle low morale and motivation. Most of motivation issues at work come from low pay, and at the very beginning we didn’t have the means to pay living wages to our staff. However, the company has grown now and doing better every day, and we are proud to say that we are finally able to provide a wage our wonderful cleaners deserve for doing such an amazing job.  

Cleaning Express is now on CheckATrade

Checkatrade information for Cleaning Express Services Ltd

We are proud to announce that as of this month (February, 2019) we are members of CheckATrade. CheckATrade run a strict background checks on us before we became members. The background checks and public feedback ensure that only reliable and trusted tradespeople get work through CheckATrade. To show our commitment to service and quality, we agreed to uphold The CheckATrade Standard You can now see feedback from our customers on CheckATrade to give you peace of mind. 

All CheckATrade members are thoroughly vetted before they are displayed on the website. You will be able to see exactly which checks have been carried out and passed on our CheckATrade page.

One of the main reasons we’re proud to become members of CheckATrade is their charity work. CheckATrade works with local, national and international charities to help those in need. You can find more information on that here.


Local Cleaning Companies

Although you may find many local cleaning companies in your area, we’re confident there’s none quite like Cleaning Express. Trust in us to take care of everything with our affordable and dedicated cleaning services available throughout London. 

Cleaning express can deal with anything from kitchens to bathrooms and beyond. We can even take care of the ironing if required. No matter what you request of our cleaners, we’ll do our best to complete the tasks set to the highest standards.

Although you are provided with a regular cleaner, there are no long-term contracts and prices are transparent. So if you would like to know a set cost, you can have just that with no extra charges.

A free replacement cleaner can be provided should the original be ill or on holiday. This means areas of your property can still be cleaned even while your initial cleaner is away.

The majority of our cleaners recruited have at least one years’ worth of experience. This ensures that, although training is provided, there can always be a cleaner available to take care of your needs.

For your peace of mind, we also have comprehensive £2m public liability cover. If things go wrong, we can deal with repercussions. However, we’ll always do our best to keep things in order. 

All this is our way of making sure that we maintain our esteemed reputation as a leading cleaning agency in London. Simply let us know what type of property you have, office or home, and we can offer a suitable solution that befits your needs and budget.

You can contact us today for further information via our website or enquire by giving us a call on 0203 633 0390. We look forward to hearing from you and dealing with the cleanliness of your home as soon as possible. 

Office Cleaning Company London

Office Cleaning in London
Office Cleaning in London


Owning a business in the capital means keeping it in top condition. Especially since tourists visiting on business is on the rise. For effective cleaning solutions on a regular basis, hire our specialist cleaners from our professional office cleaning company in London.

According to a recent study, it was found that business tourists spent just over three billion pounds during their visit to London in 2017.  This puts mass pressure on companies to keep their properties clean, but with our help we can reduce your stress and take care of all the cleaning for you.

Keeping standards at a consistently high quality to exceed expectations every visit.

We can tailor our plans to suit your business needs. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll offer a solution befitting of your requirements.

Although we hire only the best cleaners with at least one-years’ worth of experience, we continue to train on a regular basis. This ensures we continue to improve upon our skills as professional cleaners.

Making sure we provide daily or weekly cleans; keeping your property consistently clean for workers and visitors alike.

What makes us different from other cleaning companies is our consistency. As part of our service we’ll assign you with the same cleaner for the job. The only times this will be untrue is if your cleaner is on holiday or taken ill.

Working across London to ensure all offices can be provided expert cleaning support.

Whether you’re in Central or Greater London, Cleaning Express can visit your location on a regular basis to provide the help you need with cleaning.

You can enquire about our services and find out more via our website. Alternatively, call us on 0203 633 0390 to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

Housekeeping Services

At Cleaning Express we believe you should be able to come back regularly to a clean and tidy home. To make this happen and keep up with your cleaning, hire our talented cleaners for first-class housekeeping services.

Cleaning Express is dedicated to cleaning homes and offices with our tailored support. We work with clients throughout London and beyond. Whatever important commitments may be taking up your cleaning time, we can help you re-organise your home.

Our domestic cleaning can cover all areas within the property. This includes bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. We can also provide a combination of cleaning and ironing. This can be helpful should you request additional support with taking care of your laundry.

You can have the same cleaner every time. This ensures you know exactly who is coming into your home and can confidently let them be without constantly needing to let someone new know your requirements. The only exception of this is if your cleaner is on holiday or ill. In this instance we’ll make sure we provide you with a free replacement to fill in their space while they are out of action.

When it comes to our cleaners, we hire only the best. We make sure all cleaners we hire have at least one-years’ worth experience. They also must pass our internal skills test to be considered.

Safety is also a primary concern at our cleaning company. As such we make sure to check identification, tax and residence documents to ensure they are suitable for home cleaning. We also collect references to ensure they are up to the cleaning tasks we provide.

You can get in touch with us and find out more via our website or give us a call on 0203 633 0390 to speak to a member of our cleaning team about our services.

Cleaning South East London

Cleaning South East London
Cleaning South East London


When you need support with cleaning in South East London, choose the expertise of Cleaning Express. Our staff can clean all sorts of properties in and around the city and will work hard to make sure you can be proud to name us as your cleaning providers.

Our specialism lies in cleaning domestic and commercial properties. We have worked with many clients over the years and work hard to make sure we exceed expectations every time. Regardless of your requirements we’ll make the effort to restore your property to a much cleaner state. 

Competitive prices and a tailored service is one of our most praised features here at Cleaning Express. We have some of the most affordable rates in the industry. As such we will do all we can to make sure that you have a solution befitting of your needs.

We take pride in the way we represent the cleaning industry. As such we hire only the best for our service. This includes hiring cleaners that have at least 1 years’ worth of experience already in the cleaning industry to ensure you have only the best support.

Sometimes your assigned cleaner will need the time off. There is little need to worry if your cleaner is ill or on holiday. To save you spending out extra costs we can provide a replacement during their absence.

To give you peace of mind we also hold £2m public liability cover. If any issues come about during the clean, we can deal with it professionally via our own insurance.

If you would like to make an enquiry, you can do so by giving us a call 02036330390 to speak to a member of staff or fill out our online contact form. You can also take a look through our website to discover more about our services.

Office Cleaning Company London

Office Cleaning Company London
Office Cleaning Company London


How your office looks matters to both your employees and visitors. As a leading office cleaning company in London, Cleaning Express can make sure your offices are in sparkling condition.

Cleaning Express have been working across London and the surrounding areas for many years. Since our founding we have worked with many different clients in various industries. Our goal is to make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of the rooms. From dusting to rubbish removal and more you can expect a first-class service from our dedicated cleaners. We’ll take care of all your office cleaning requirements.

Our office cleaners can provide regular cleaning to your property. This can be provided daily or weekly; making it the perfect solution for business owners who might be busy with other matters concerning their business practices.

You can have the same cleaner that visits you via a plan most suited to your needs. Whether you want it completed in the early mornings before employees arrive, after work to ensure no dirt lingers overnight or other, we can work around you.

Our prices start from as little as £25 plus VAT per visit. This is to ensure you have the most competitively priced support as possible. Whether you require great amounts of support or as little as possible, we’ll make sure you have a quote that is reasonable and affordable for your budget.

We also hold £2m public insurance for your peace of mind should anything go wrong during the cleaning processes. 

You can find out more via our website. Alternatively, you can give us a call to discuss your requirements on 02036330390 or email us at and we’ll get back as soon as we can.

We can also provide domestic cleans. Don’t hesitate to discover more about our additional services and how we can help you today. 

Cleaners Canary Wharf

Cleaners Canary Wharf
Cleaners Canary Wharf


Affordable, dedicated and experienced cleaners in Canary Wharf are what you can have with Cleaning Express. Whether you need regular office cleaning or one-off home cleaning, we can offer the best possible service to you.

We provide some of the most outstanding cleaning services in the area and across London. Many customers have praised us for our attention to detail and easy arrangement when clients choose our cleaning services to hire on a regular basis. If you’ve been thinking about hiring a cleaner for on-going support, choose our staff at Cleaning Express.

When it comes to our cleaners we hire only the best with at least a years’ worth of experience. With each clean we take on the feedback to continue to improve our services as much as possible. With a continued focus on completing cleans to the highest standards, you can trust in us to put our best foot forward and complete the cleaning tasks with a first-class approach.

Our cleaning services include end of tenancy, domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning and office cleaning. We can offer bespoke plans for each so should you request only certain parts of the property to be cleaned, we can make sure you have a plan that is befitting of your needs and budget.

If you would like to make an enquiry you can do so via our website or by giving us a direct call on 0203 633 0390 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

Don’t wait to discover how effective our cleaning solutions can be and trust in us as a corporate member of The British Institute Of Cleaning Science (BICSc).

Domestic House Cleaning Services

Domestic House Cleaning Services
Domestic House Cleaning Services


Trust in Cleaning Express for the most attentive and affordable domestic house cleaning services in the UK. We have years of experience and only offer the best support to ensure your home is fresh and clean upon your return.

Finding time out of your busy schedule to clean your home might be difficult when you’ve got a full time job, children or something else taking up your cleaning time. Cleaning Express can take care of all your cleaning requirements and offer one-off or regular cleaning support depending on your needs.

Here are some of the following areas of your home we can clean:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen

and much more. We can also offer a combination of cleaning and ironing to ensure you have as much support as possible. Our goal is to make sure you have the most effective and affordable support and we’ll do all we can to make sure you are assisted in all aspects of your home cleaning.

You can book our services by filling out the contact form on our website. You can also speak to us directly about any special requirements by giving us a call now on 0203 633 0390 to speak to a member of our team.

Multinational Employee Company

Multinational Employee Company
Multinational Employee Company


At Cleaning Express head office, we are proud to say, we all come from different countries and speak multiple languages. We are a multinational employee company. This comes in very useful when interacting with customers that do not speak the language well. Even though a big part of our customers are English speaking. We always try our best to listen and understand the needs of every client. We do not want any language barriers stopping us from bringing you the best possible customer service. At present, our office staff speak Russian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Tajik, Polish and Ukrainian. Cleaning Express has over 500 regular customers, many of which also come from abroad.

As well as multilingual head office staff, the cleaners that we employ are of so many different nationalities. We have cleaners that come mostly from England, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria,  and Poland. Some of our cleaners are from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Spain and other countries. Most of our cleaners speak English well or are in the progress of learning it. We try to make sure that all our cleaners are aware of the importance of being able to communicate with the customers. 

There can be an occasion when a customer can be uncomfortable with the cleaner that they might have a difficulty communicating with. We understand that’s it is a possibility. Most important for us is that our customers are completely happy with the assigned cleaners. Being a multinational employee company, we try to be as flexible as possible. We do try to accommodate as many requests as we possibly can. So if you would prefer, for instance, a Russian speaking cleaner, Italian speaking cleaner, or a Spanish speaking cleaner, we’ll do our best to assign one for you.