How to safely polish and clean your silver

How to polish silver
How to polish silver


With the holidays just around the corner, many of our clients are asking which are the best ways to safely polish their silver utensils and platters to use for their family dinner table. This year, let your family heirlooms gleam, and try using these clever and safe ways to polish even the tarnished of dishes!

Pure 100% Lemon essential oil – is safe and effective for making your silver shine. Put a few drops on a cloth and gently rub the oil onto your silver until it shines.

Vinegar – is perfect if you’re wanting to clean and polish your silver at once, as vinegar carries natural components that help remove blemish while also killing bacteria. Soak your silverware in a sink of vinegar for an hour or two for best results.

If you are needing to polish larger quantities of dishes, we recommend using one of the following products that will stretch more:

Marble flour – is something you can purchase in large amounts at low cost. Mix a cup of it into a bowl and stir water into in until it becomes a paste. Use a cloth to dab into past and polish larger silver dishes and platters.

Magic eraser sponge – Often silver loses its shine due to grime, grease or moisture exposure. A magic eraser, unlike a scrub pad, is non-abrasive and uses friction to clean silver and make it shine.

Don’t try: When cleaning silver, avoid using products with harsh material, such as scour pads, BORAX or even baking soda. Many websites claim these are great ways to quickly polish silver, however, over time they will degrade it, causing it to lose value.

When polishing silver, use a cotton cloth to safely shine surfaces without leaving scratches or degrading it over time.