4 key areas you may be forgetting in your house cleaning routine

Key ares you're forgetting while cleaning
Key ares you’re forgetting while cleaning


For many families here in the London area, maintaining a clean environment for your house or flat can be a challenge when trying to find the time and energy to clean. While some of the basic items like vacuuming and furniture dusting may be an item that’s taken care of on a regular basis, we’ve noticed some areas that accumulate a lot of germs and dust that many people miss.

To help ensure that you don’t miss an inch in your cleaning routine, we’ve included a few mentionables in this short list:

● Light fixtures and ceiling fans – With these items often being high up and out of the way, it’s easy to go straight for the easier to see areas such as china cabinets and bookshelves. Light fixtures however are a hotspot for dust accumulation, and should be dusted on a weekly basis.

● Door handles and light switches – many individuals we talk to have admitted to missing the disinfection of light switches and door handles, which are two key areas for transmitting germs from people’s hands. Spraying a damp cloth with disinfectant and quickly wiping them down will help keep your home safe and clean from the spread of germs.

● Baseboards and door frames – these items are notorious for collecting dirt, scuff marks and pet hair, and if neglected for long periods of time, can become shabby and unpleasant to look at. Many of our clients have told us that the process of cleaning baseboards is such a painstaking task, that they’d much rather do the dishes or fold the laundry. If you cringe from thinking of getting on your hands and knees for long periods of time, try investing in a good pair of knee pads to make the chore more comfortable.

● Inside kitchen appliances – Appliances such as the refrigerator and oven can accumulate large amounts of bacteria and germs from vegetables and fruits, and should regularly be disinfected to avoid bacteria spreading to other food.

These extra items can often be difficult to add to your current cleaning list, especially if your short on time and energy. However, by contacting us and setting up a recurring appointment, we can help you manage the extra cleaning in your home, giving you more time and freedom to enjoy your life.

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