GDPR Compliant Cleaning Company

GDPR Compliant Cleaning Company
GDPR Compliant Cleaning Company


Has your current office got a bit messy? Is your current commercial cleaning GDPR services provider is not working at its best or you don’t trust the individuals that come into your office for cleaning? Do you need a GDPR compliant cleaning company, upon which you can trust and let your office be in their hands to clean freely? Where you will not be worried so think and stress no further I’ve got a solution for you and that will be to make you understand about the GDPR first and then help you find out the best GDPR compliant cleaning company in the London. The content down below will explain and prove it to you why it is important to hire a GDPR cleaning company and why Cleaning Express is going to be the best option for you.


Understanding GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an advanced digital privacy regulation platform that was launched on 25th May 2018. The purpose was to standardise a huge range of several privacy legislations all over the EU into one single central set of rules and regulations which in result will protect the users in every member states.


New European legislation related to GDPR?

To keep it super simple, the European Commission has published some of the rules of data protection and other legislation for every sector of the government as well as private sector. The companies will now have to build the privacy settings of their company whole structure into the digital products and the websites. Organisations will also be required to consistently conduct the privacy impact assessments, the permission to use the data will be strengthened by the company, documenting the ways the company use the personal data and in the end to improve the way the company conducts all its communication data breaches.


The penalties can be applied for violating GDPR new laws

GDPR increases the potential penalties for the organisations who misuse any data, and that makes things easier for people to discover what will be information organisations will or have on them. In essence, it brings more transparency to the people about what data organisations usually collect about them, and what those organisations use that data for, as well as enabling the people to prevent unnecessary data collection by teaching them how to control their own data and prevent further breaches.


More about Cleaning Express

Cleaning Express provide the service with utmost diligence and responsibility and the obtaining the strict data privacy is the company top priority.

Moreover, the company has the history of working with the finest offices of London and will do the job just right for your company too.

Also, the company’s privacy policy can be viewed here: Privacy Statement and the Cleaning Express’s GDPR compliance can be verified and viewed here: